Jamil Barakat has moved to London-Ontario in 1988, coming from a small country in the heart of Middle East "Lebanon". Jamil always had a dream to open his own restaurant and to use his great cooking skills.

For many years, he worked in different occupations but his dream stayed with him and he kept looking for the best time to make this vision a reality. In 2000, Jamil found a great location in down town London so he decided to open his own dream restaurant, and with the help of his family members: Nabila, Ahmad, Nabil and Nada he worked very hard to make his own vision come true and the restaurant of his dreams the best.

The attention to customer service, hospitality and food quality soon made this small restaurant very popular that there were long lineups. But despite of these lineups people were craving the best shawarma chicken and there were still more lineups; therefore, Jamil increased the restaurant's size and moved it to a bigger location to accommodate more customers.

Healthy food and the variety in the menu allowed different kinds of customers (vegetarian, vegan or meat lovers) to have a bigger selection and to choose between multiple options of this excellent varied menu.

All this increased the popularity of the restaurant in all Ontario province so that people drove for miles from Hamilton, Toronto and Waterloo etc to eat there. This huge success was based on the hard work of all family members who cooperated together to offer a high quality food made from the freshest ingredients in a very healthy way, and served in a special customer service.

The popularity of Barakat restaurant was praised in many magazines and newspapers:

UWO Gazette - Volume 96, Issue 22

UWO Gazette - Volume 96, Issue 81

T H E I V E Y G R E E N Volume 1, Issue 10  

Barakat Restaurant continues to play an important role within the community. Groups which have benefited from Barakat donations include various hospitals and charitable organizations.



Barakat Restaurant is a Middle Eastern food leader in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2001, Barakat has a focus on high-quality food, and a casual yet contemporary dining experience. As part of our dynamic strategy, our franchisees have complete operational support, including extensive training, advertising and marketing.
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